4 Reasons To See 'The Last Five Years'

The Last Five Years

Garrick Theatre

Written by Mia Goddard


The Last Five Years composed by Jason Robert Brown tells the story of Cathy, a struggling actress, and Jamie, a budding novelist as they meet, fall in love, marry, and divorce over the course of five years. 

After missing out on this production during its run at the Southwark Playhouse last year, I'm delighted to have finally seen it. Read on to hear my top 4 reasons to see the show. 

1. The music

The music of this show is remarkable. The songs are well balanced throughout, with the upbeat more humorous songs balancing out the slower sadder ones, making the score a joy to listen to. The musical is sung-through and each song is so unique. Written by Jason Robert Brown, the show features music of all different genres such as folk, pop, classical, Klezmer and more. The songs are wonderfully melodic and Browns' use of language is simply beautiful. His songs will make you smile, laugh and cry. 

2. The staging / set design

Lee Newby's set design is simple yet effective. An LED-studded 'L5Y' is placed at the back of the stage and the production utilises a simple piano placed on a revolve throughout. Cathy and Jamie are almost circling each other and can't communicate correctly, demonstrating the complications within their relationship. 

3. The story

This musical is nothing like the typical 'Romeo and Juliet' story but is much more real and compatible with real issues and reality. The show is incredibly clever too. Jamie tells the story chronologically whist Cathy tells it in reverse. The only time their path's cross is in the middle, at their wedding. You're certain to feel every emotion under the sun within the 90 minutes. By the end, you feel like you know Cathy and Jamie so well that you're desperate to know what happens to them next. 

4. The talent

What makes this production even more impressive is the distinctive actor-musician staging, directed by Jonathan O’Boyle. Oli Higginson and Molly Lynch both play the piano whilst the other is singing, accompanied by a brilliant band led by musical director George Dyer. Lynch and Higginson are both captivating in their roles as they play out the high's and low's of a typical relationship. Both display perfect musical comedy skills and fascinate the audience with their phenomenal vocals.

The Last Five Years is an enchanting revival and you can book your tickets now! THE LAST FIVE YEARS - Nimax Theatres

                                                    Photo Credit: Helen Maybanks