Musical Theatre Love Songs To Listen To This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is all about love. Whether it be love for a partner, a parent, a friend or a day full of self love! You don't need to be in a relationship with someone to celebrate today, love comes in all forms and it's all around you. However, musical theatre has some of the best love songs out there and so I thought I'd share my favourite theatre duets (in no particular order) that you need to listen to!

1. You Matter To Me - Waitress 

Waitress tells the story of Jenna Hunterson, a baker and waitress in an abusive relationship with her husband Earl. After Jenna unexpectedly becomes pregnant, she begins an affair with her doctor. Looking for ways out of her troubles, she sees a pie baking contest and its grand prize as her chance.

‘You Matter To Me’ comes in act two as Jenna wonders if her affair with Dr Pomatter is a mistake, he reassures her and she begins writing a mental note to her baby. 

2. Only Us - Dear Evan Hansen 

Dear Evan Hansen is the story of a lonely, socially awkward boy trying to fit in to a world that’s always left him on the outside, by deceiving his way into a grieving family dynamic. After its debut in 2016, this Tony Award winning musical has proven a sell-out hit in London’s West End, by tackling themes related to social media, suicide and teen anxiety.

‘Only Us’ comes as Zoe tells Evan that she does not want their relationship to be about Connor, but about the two of them. 

3. All I’ve Ever Known - Hadestown

Hadestown is a musical with music, lyrics and book by Anaïs Mitchell. It tells a version of the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where Orpheus goes to the underworld to rescue his fiancée Eurydice.

'All I've Ever Known' comes in the middle of act one where Eurydice reflects on her growing love for Orpheus, despite her independence.

4. Almost Paradise - Footloose

Footloose is the story of Ren McCormack, a teenage boy from Chicago as he and his mother move to the small town of Bomont after his father abandons them. Upon arriving, Ren finds himself at odds with most of the town, including the Reverend Bomont as he has convinced the town to outlaw dancing. With the help of Ariels and Willard, Ren convinces the Reverend to let the teenagers dance, and in the process helps the town to heal from a tragedy that affected them all.

‘Almost Paradise’ falls in act two as Ren and Ariel release their love for each other.

5. In A Crowd of Thousands - Anastasia 

Anastasia centres around an eighteen-year-old orphan Anya who, in hopes of finding some trace of her family, sides with con men who wish to take advantage of her likeness to the Grand Duchess. 

‘In A Crowd of Thousands’ takes place as Anya has a nightmare and Dmitry comforts her by telling a story of how he bowed to Anastasia at a parade as a young boy. Anya vividly remembers this, and the two realize that Anya is indeed the Grand Duchess Anastasia. 

6. You Shine - Carrie 

Carrie The Musical follows a young woman with telekinetic powers who is dominated by her oppressive and religious mother. 

‘You Shine’ is sung as Tommy takes Sue into the half-decorated gym to share a moment to make up for the prom they are going to miss together. 

7. As Long As Your Mine - Wicked

Wicked tells the untold backstory of Elphaba, a green-skinned social outcast unloved by her fellow peers and her Munchkinland governor father. At university, Elphaba strikes up an unlikely friendship with popular fellow sorcery student Glinda, but the pair’s opposing personalities and rivalry over the same love-interest Fiyero, ultimately sees them fulfil their destinies as Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of the West.

‘As Long As Your Mine’ is sung half way through act two by Elphaba and Fiyero as they acknowledge their feelings for each other. 


8. Last Night of The World - Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon tells the tale of a romance involving an Asian woman abandoned by her American lover during the Vietnam War. 

‘Last Night of The World’ comes as Chris promises to take Kim with him when he leaves Vietnam. 

9. Come What May - Moulin Rouge 

Moulin Rouge tells the story of Christian, a young composer, who falls in love with cabaret actress Satine, who is the star of the Moulin Rouge. 

‘Come What May’ is a classic duet that falls in the show as Christian goes back to Satine to convince her that they should be together.

10. Dance With You - The Prom

The musical follows four Broadway actors lamenting their days of fame, as they travel to the conservative town of Edgewater, Indiana, to help a lesbian student banned from bringing her girlfriend to high school prom. 

The couple argue as Alyssa blames Emma for all the publicity around the prom but Emma reassures her that she didn't want this either and that she just wants to be with her. 

11. Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful? - Cinderella 

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella is based on the Cinderella story we all know and love. The story concerns a young woman forced into a life of servitude by her stepmother. She dreams of a better life, and with the help of her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella is able to attend the village ball to meet her Prince. In this version, however, she opens the Prince's eyes to the injustice in his kingdom.

'Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?' take places at the palace, as Ella tells the prince how he could be a great king, just before the clock strikes midnight. 

12. What You Mean To Me - Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is based on the true events that led J.M. Barrie to create a story we all know and love, Peter Pan.

‘What You Mean To Me’ comes in act two of the shows as J.M Barrie and Sylvia sing about what they mean to each other. 

13. Long Way Home - Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman centres around a Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward, who is hired by Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman, to be his escort for several business and social functions, and their developing relationship over the course of her week-long stay with him.

‘Long Way Home’ comes in act two in the show and is one of my favourites on this list!

14. Crazier Than You - The Addams Family 

Wednesday Addams, who is now 18 years old, and has fallen in love with a 'normal' boy from Ohio. In an attempt to make the families get along, Wednesday organises a dinner between the two families which doesn't go as planned. In a fateful, hilarious night, secrets are disclosed, relationships are tested, and it turns out The Addams Family aren't the only kooky family in town. 

I couldn't not include this song as it's one of my absolute favourites. Sung by Wednesday and Lucas, this is definitely The Addams Family version of a love song

15. Falling Into You - The Bridges of Madison County

Francesca is an Italian immigrant housewife living a happy existence on a farm in the American Midwest. However, when her family go off to the State Fair, she meets Robert Kincaid, a national geographic photographer on assignment filming bridges in the area. Their initial friendship develops into a brief but passionate affair which has devastating consequences on their lives.

'Falling into You' is a beautiful duet that ends the first act where Robert and Francesca realise their love for each other. 

16. The Next Ten Minutes - The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years composed by Jason Robert Brown tells the story of Cathy, a struggling actress, and Jamie, a budding novelist as they meet, fall in love, marry, and divorce over the course of five years. Cathy tells the story from the end of their marriage and Jamie begins from when they first met.

‘The Next Ten Minutes’ comes as Jamie proposes to Cathy and is the only part of the musical where they are seen together in the same place. 

17. Something To Believe In - Newsies

Based on the real-life Newsboy Strike of 1899, this new Disney musical tells the story of Jack Kelly, a rebellious newsboy who dreams of a life as an artist away from the big city.

Jack and Katherine share a romantic moment in act two, each stating that the other has given them "something to believe in". 

18. Here Right Now - Ghost

Ghost the musical centres on lovers Sam and Molly, who are attacked as they are returning to their apartment. When Sam dies, he becomes caught between the real world and the next. 

‘Here Right Now' begins the show as couple Sam and Molly move into an apartment together

19. Seven Wonders - Catch Me If You Can

Based on the true story of one of the most famous con artists in history, Frank Abagnale Jr., Catch Me If You Can is a rousing musical set in the 1960’s.

Frank has fallen in love with one of the nurses, Brenda Strong and tells her that he has seen the "seven wonders” of the world, but that none of them compare to her beauty. If I had to pick a favourite from this list it would probably be this one!

20. A Million Miles Away - Aladdin

Aladdin tells the story of a poor boy living on the streets who spends his time stealing food from the marketplace in the city of Agrabah. His adventures begin when he meets a young girl who happens to be Princess Jasmine and a genie from a magical lamp. 

'A Million Miles Away' is a duet which comes in act one when Aladdin takes Jasmine to his hideout, where they each reveal their unhappiness in their own lives.

21. Wherever We’re Going - Back To The Future

Back to the Future The Musical is based on the American science fiction/comedy film of the same name, and tells the story of Marty McFly who accidentally travels back to 1955 in a time travelling deloreon invented by his friend Doc Brown, and jeopardizes his own future existence by interfering with his parents first meeting. 

I couldn’t write a blog post about my favourite love songs within musical theatre without including this one. Everyone know’s how much I love this show and it's a shame not many people will have heard this song due to its very short run last year. This song is sung by Marty and Jennifer towards the start of act one and is such a lovely moment in the show. Whilst you await the cast recording however, have a listen to Earth Angel from the movie soundtrack! If you haven’t thought about seeing Back To The Future The Musical I urge you to get some tickets! 

22. Small Umbrella In The Rain - Little Women

Based on Louisa May Alcott's life, Little Women follows the adventures of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March and their beloved Marmee.

Little Women is one of my favourite shows and this song comes at the very end of act two. Sung by Jo and Professor Bhaer as they confess their feelings for each other.

23. It Takes Two - Into The Woods 

Into The Woods is a musical which intertwines the plots of various fairytales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and The Beanstalk and Cinderella. The musical is tied together by a story involving a childless baker and his wife and their quest to begin a family. 

‘It Takes Two’ is the most uplifting song on this list and is sung by the Baker and his wife as they decide to work together to complete their quest. 

24. Unworthy of Your Love - Assassins 

Assassins is the telling of nine individuals who try to assassinate the President of the United States, in a one-act musical that explores the dark side of the American experience.

‘Unworthy of Your Love’ comes in the middle of the show and features John Hinckley, Jr. and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme singing about their unworthy love (Jodie Foster & Charles Manson) as their drive to assassinate Ronald Regan & Gerald Ford.

25. Something Good - The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music tells the story of Maria, who takes a job as governess to a large family while she decides whether or not to become a nun. She falls in love with the children, and eventually their widowed father. He is ordered to accept a commission in the German navy, but he opposes the Nazis. He and Maria decide on a plan to flee Austria with the children.

‘Something Good’ is a duet between the Captain and Maria as they finally admit their love, which I believe is only in the film. 

26. Time Stops - Big Fish

Big Fish is about the relationship between Edward Bloom, a travelling salesman, and his adult son Will, who looks for what is behind his father's tall stories. 

'Time Stops' comes as Edward notices Sandra, and it is love at first sight.

What are some of your favourite theatre songs to listen to around Valentine’s? 

Stay safe. 

Mia x