What I Got For Christmas 2020!

Merry Christmas! I can't believe how fast Christmas came around this year and I do hope everyone had the best day possible despite the restrictions. I think after the year we've all had, a holiday like Christmas was needed to bring some cheer to us all.

I don't know about you but when it comes to Christmas and birthdays I'm so nosy and I love to know what people got. This is my first Christmas since starting my blog therefore I thought I'd share with you the lovely gifts I received this year.

Disclaimer: I completely understand how lucky I am to be in the situation that I am, especially after the year we have all had and in no way am I trying to brag, I am extremely grateful for everything I received. 


iPhone 11 - My main present from my Mum this year was a new phone and I received the iPhone 11. I've been needing a new phone for a while now as I upgraded from a iPhone 6! My old phone just wasn't working anymore and since I've starting working within social media and building my Instagram a lot more I really needed a phone with a good quality camera. I was originally meant to be getting this on Christmas Day but I'm with Tesco Mobile and their Black Friday deals were too good to miss! My Mum has also worked for the company for over 15 years and therefore gets a further discount on top of that so it would have been silly not to get it a month or so earlier than planned. I am also paying for half of this contract myself but I am extremely grateful to have this phone!

Makeup - Every Christmas and every birthday my Mum tops me up on my everyday essentials. She also got me a Revolution eyeshadow palette which was on my wish list as I love this brand!

Clothes - If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably know that most of my clothes are from Boohoo therefore my Mum got me a few bits from there along with a few pieces I wanted from Pretty Little Thing and Primark. If you're interested in exactly what I got I'll try and link as much as I can below. 

Crew Neck Crop Jumper | Boohoo UK

V Neck Wrap Belted Skort Playsuit | Boohoo UK

Rib Cropped Cardigan | Boohoo UK

Crop Teddy Faux Fur Bomber Jacket | Boohoo UK

Floral Ruffle Sleeve Wrap Over Playsuit | Boohoo UK

Dobby Chiffon Belted Wrap Blouse | Boohoo UK

Black Mix Scale Polka Dot Ruffle Sleeve Blouse | Boohoo UK

Plus Star Printed Ruffle Playsuit | Boohoo UK

Black Chain Wrap Front Playsuit | PrettyLittleThing

Black Knitted Jumper | PrettyLittleThing

Black Polka Dot Tea Dress | Dresses | PrettyLittleThing

Toiletries -  Now this may seem weird, but I have a slight obsession with all things cucumber scented. So this Christmas my Mum got me a selection of cucumber scented toiletries. Anything from deodorant, face wipes, face masks, body wash, hand cream, moisturiser, and I honestly couldn't be happier! 😂

Theatre Tokens - Normally for Christmas and my birthday my Mum would book for us to go and see a show but of course this year is very different. She did book us tickets to go and see Six at The Lowry on Boxing Day but since that can't go ahead this year she kindly got me a Theatre Token that way I can choose a show to see in the future. 

She also got me lots of chocolate as it wouldn't be Christmas without it!


This year my Dad kindly gave me some money and he also booked tickets to go and see Six and The Lowry this Christmas, (my parents aren't together so they wouldn't have known they had both purchased tickets), but of course that isn't happening when planned. We have however rescheduled that to next year in the hopes that it can go ahead then. 


This year my Godmother kindly got me the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as I was in need of a new one along with a bath bomb set from a small businesses in our area. 


My Auntie on my mums side got me a few things of my wish list. A Lindor chocolate box, a NYX lipstick, a travel size silicone facial cleansing brush, and a travel size real techniques powder brush. This is probably the most useful thing I now own as I have the worlds worst oily skin therefore need to top up my makeup constantly throughout the day so it's going to be very handy!

Other Family Members:

A lot of my family gave me money this year which I'm very thankful for along with a lot of chocolate boxes! I also received some books, a Baylis and Harding gift set, a Body Shop gift set, and a few baking sets!


My friend Emily got me The Greatest Showman on vinyl which is something I've wanted for a while now. 

My friend Lily actually got me a cameo from Carrie Hope Fletcher this year which was very unexpected but so so lovely!

My best friend Chloe kindly gifted me some chocolate, a few makeup bits, and 'Some Kind of Wonderful' by Giovanna Fletcher!

If you've read my 'What I Got For My Birthday' you'll know I tend to buy myself a present for my birthday and Christmas (sad I know). I started my first proper job back in October this year and have been working a lot over Christmas so didn't even think about it this year. I bought my Mum tickets to see Back To The Future and my Dad tickets for Come From Away and since they are both shows I'm desperate to see myself I was counting that as my present to myself this year. However, a few days before Christmas I was talking to my friend Emily about my birthday plans for next summer and we impulsively bought tickets to see Hamilton! So I guess that's my Christmas present to myself this year! We will hopefully be seeing the matinee on August 8th which is the day before my 19th birthday. (19 is a special birthday for me for various reasons which I won't go in to but that's why I want to make the week memorable).

I'm also looking to get a tattoo in the New Year which I'm sure I also mentioned in my birthday posts but I just never got round to it!

So that was everything I received for my Christmas this year. Thank you to everyone who got me card/gift, I'm feeling very grateful! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram! The support I've had over their recently has been amazing! @miagoddardx

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Mia x