My 2020 Theatre Highlights

2020 definitely hasn’t been the year we all expected, especially for theatre. I remember looking forward to so many shows at the beginning of the year as there was so many exciting ones lined up. I was lucky enough to see 12 shows before lockdown hit and I’m extremely grateful for all the work the industry has put in to try and bring us theatre whilst in lockdown. Despite the situation, I’ve still managed to compile a list of my theatre highlights of the year and for my final post of 2020 I thought I’d share them with you all. (They are in no particular order, apart from my top choice as we all know I’m obsessed…)

 - Marry Me A Little

Marry Me A Little unfortunately had its run at the Barn Theatre in Cirencester cut short due to the second lockdown in the UK but luckily it was filmed and streamed for even more to see. I didn’t know much about this show beforehand but with a duo like Rob Houchen and Celinde Schoemaker I had to buy a ticket. The show contains cut songs from Sondheim’s better-known musicals and is a dialogue-free piece about two ex-lovers. The beautiful score paired with the stunning vocals of its two leads made this production a delight to watch.

-  Ordinary Days

I've loved this show for ages and after missing its original run back in 2014 I'm so glad I finally got to see a production of it, even if it was virtually. Set on the bustling streets of New York City, Ordinary Days singles out four average New Yorkers whose lives end up unexpectedly entwined. The message of this show is beautiful and will make you both laugh and cry. A joy to watch.

- Out of the Darkness, Into The Spotlight

Hiba Elchike, in collaboration with The Theatre Café and Nimax Theatre created an online mini web series showcasing some of your favourite West End performers. The series was three episodes long, and each had a different theme. This series was perfect for bringing some cheer to us all during these uncertain times and the set list (especially for episode 2) was simply incredible. Each performer stood out in their own way and this was definitely a huge highlight of the year for me!

 - Fiver 

Fiver is another show I missed during it's original run and I'm over the moon they created a concert style production for everyone to see. Not only is the show fresh and original, it showcases some of the most talented performers in the industry and I really hope to see this show back on stage one day.

- The Last Five Years 

The Last Five Years has quickly become one of my favourite musicals and I couldn't stop listening to it back in the first lockdown. I was due to see the show in person but a few days before my city was placed in to tier 3 meaning I couldn't travel out of the area. Nevertheless I managed to purchase a ticket to the online stream and it was just as amazing as I'd imagined. My all time favourite musical theatre song comes from this show and the rest of the score is stunning. Molly Lynch and Oli Higginson were perfect choices for Cathy and Jamie and I'm eager to see this show live.

- The Bodyguard 

I saw The Bodyguard on New Years Day and it was meant to be my 1st show of many for the year. That obviously didn't go to plan but I'm glad it was my first. I know a lot of people aren't keen on jukebox musicals but I personally love them and this one was no different. The storyline is so intriguing and it was a great way to start the year.

- Six

For the past two years Six has played in my hometown over Christmas / New Year so of course the first few weeks of 2020 was spent watching this show for me. Six is a show that I don't tend to listen to much at home but I love it every time I see it. It's one I don't think anyone could get bored of. It was strange not spending Boxing Day watching the show this year, as it's become some what of a tradition, but here's hoping it's back in Manchester next Christmas!

- Back To The Future

This list really wouldn't be complete without this show. If you know me personally, follow me on Instagram or have read any of my blog posts you'll know how much I love this show. I managed to see it three times in the three weeks it actually managed to play at Manchester Opera House and it instantly became my favourite show. Back To The Future is my mum and I's favourite film so for it to be turned into a musical and open in our hometown was incredible. I've got my tickets for it's West End premiere next year (hopefully) and I can't wait for even more people to see it!

So those were my theatre highlights of 2020. I'd say this list is pretty strong considering they year we've all had. It's been extremely tough for the theatre industry but I know we'll all come back stronger. What are you looking forward to seeing in 2021? Let me know!

Wishing everyone all the best and a happy new year!

Mia x