My Pre and Post Show Routine As An Audience Member

September 06, 2020

A lot of performers have their pre-show rituals or routine before they go on stage and perform, but overtime I've noticed that I've developed a pre and post show routine of my own when going to watch a show, so I thought I'd share that for today's post. 

1. Go for lunch / tea

I don't do this every single time I go to the theatre as I'd be broke if I did, but if it's a special occasion like a birthday or a press night etc, my friends and/or family will normally head to a restaurant / cafe near the theatre for something to eat beforehand. If I'm seeing a matinee in London the Theatre Cafe is always the first place I head to before the theatre!

2. Arrive at the theatre

I always aim to get to the theatre about half an hour before the show starts so I have plenty of time to do the next set of steps before the show starts. 

3. Take as many photos as possible

I like to take as many pictures as I can whatever I'm doing, even if it's not theatre related. I love looking back at pictures for days out or special occasions. If there's promotional posters outside the theatre that I'm able to get pictures with, I always do!

4. Locate the stage door

If I'm at a theatre I've never been to before I always like to know where the stage door so I can head straight there after the show finishes.

5. Enter the theatre

Sounds silly to include this as of course that's what you do but I always love to look at any cast boards or pictures inside the foyer of the theatre beforehand and grab some pictures of these too! This would also be when I would collect my ticket from the box office if I've booked a spontaneous show and there's been no time for my ticket to be sent out to me.

6. Buy a programme

I don't always buy loads of merch at every show I see but I will always buy a programme. I've got draws full of programmes now there's too many to count! If I'm seeing one of my favourite shows this would also be the time I would buy any other merch I want such as mugs, tees, etc. It's always worth looking at the merch stand to see what they've got.

7. Pee!

There's nothing worse than interval toilet queues so I always go beforehand. I hate spending my entire interval in a queue to pee!

8. Find my seat

I always like to be sat in my seat with enough time to adjust my coat and bag, get comfortable, have a read through the programme, and take any pictures of the stage before the show starts.

9. Turn off phone

The thought of my phone going off during the show gives me major anxiety so I always make sure it's turned off.


The main event! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

11. Head to stage door

Once the show has finished I will head to stage door as I always love to the thank everyone involved for a great show. I don't do this all the time as sometimes I'm in a rush catch a train or tram, but if I do I make sure I've got my programme, a sharpie, and my phone ready incase anyone is available for signatures of photos. 

12. Head home

Usually if I'm in London I'll head to the nearest tube stop to get me to my train. If I'm seeing a matinee most of the time I head back to Manchester the same day, but if I'm in London for more than a day I stay with my auntie just outside of London so it's not too far away. If I'm in Manchester, I'll head to the tram to get me back to my hometown. Whilst I'm travelling home I always like to look through any pictures I've taken, chat to any friends curious about the show, and thank the cast again on social media for a great show!

So that's how my day / evening usually goes when I'm at the theatre. Of course a day like this hasn't happened in a while but it just means the next time will be even better!

Mia x

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