Answering Your Assumptions About Me!

Happy Wednesday! Today's post is an extra upload for this week and it's such an interesting one to write. Recently, answering assumptions has become a huge trend over on YouTube and I've seen some fellow bloggers bring it over the the blogosphere so I thought I'd hope on the trend and see what people assume about me!

1. You wish you could play an instrument.

In some ways yes. I think being able to play an instrument is a wonderful skill to have and I'd love to be able to sit at a piano or grab a guitar and play absolutely anything. However, my hands would just not be able to cope. It sounds weird but I think the best way for my to describe it is that my hands get stressed out? Even when writing blog posts I usually have to do it in halves as my hands start to become really stiff. It's difficult to explain but playing an instrument that requires a lot of movement from your fingers just wouldn't work for me. I remember in music lessons in secondary school we learnt a few basic songs on the keyboard and I could barely stretch my hands wide enough to reach the keys without my fingers feeling tense. It sounds so bizarre and a bit ridiculous but that's just my hands apparently...?

2. You love planning.

In some cases yes. I love to have my Instagram feed planned in advance as much as I can. There's always gaps where I know a certain picture will go from a day out I have planned but even then I have the picture already planned out in my head. I love to have my blog posts planned out in advance too. I'm already thinking about Christmas content! However, in some cases I'm very much a go with the flow kind of person and whatever happens happens.

3. Super sweet but shy, and super creative.

First of all thank you! I'd like to think I'm a sweet person, I always strive to give people  a positive experience when they're around me, and I'm definitely a shy person. If you come up to me and start a conversation I will 100% get in to it however I was never one to raise my hand or speak out at school or anything, and I get anxious over any interaction with people I don't know. In terms of being a creative person, I would honestly say I'm not. I'm the worst at coming up with unique ideas or using my imagination. I'm also seriously bad at anything artistic, I can barely draw a circle...

4. You seem like a quiet person but when they open up they're really interesting.

Again, thank you! I'm definitely quiet, especially around people I don't know very well. However, in my friendship group I'd probably say I'm the loudest! I definitely open up a lot when I get to know someone better. I'd like to say I'm interesting but to be quite honest I'm probably not! I guess it depends who you ask aha!

5. You were a theatre kid at school.

Yes 100%. Of course there was lots of people into drama and acting in my school / college but I was definitely that person that everyone would look to in the room if we ever did anything involving musical theatre. I took drama at school so was always in any production we did and I did both drama and dance in college. It's all I really know to be honest!

6. You only have a small group of friends.

True! I've been friends with my best friend since we were 3 and she always the first person I turn too. In secondary school I'd say I was friends with quite a lot of people but I have a close circle of 4 friends. We all went to the same college however did very different subjects and so haven't seen each other as much over the past 2 years, and 3 / 5 of us are now at university but we are all still very much in touch. I also have friends from dance and my theatre / online friends who I've been able to meet through social media and blogging. I wouldn't necessarily say I have a solid 'group' of friends like this but it's really nice having friends who live all over the UK, and some in different countries!

7. You like all musicals.

I'd actually say no to this. As a theatre kid of course I like a lot of musicals, however there are so many out there that there's tones I've never listened to and some I've never even heard of. There's definitely a few shows that I've seen / listened to that I'm not a big fan of but not every show is going to appeal to everyone.

8. You don't like ballet.

I do like ballet! I wouldn't say it's my strong suit at all as I'm much more of a jazz / commercial dancer but I actually really enjoy it and find myself doing ballet moves around the house more than anything else! However, going to see an actual ballet for 2 and half hours is definitely not my thing at all...!

9. You're parents pay for everything, including theatre tickets.

This is not true. Pretty much everything I own is paid for with my own money. All my clothes, makeup, jewellery, home decor, phone, Netflix, Spotify you name it, is all paid for myself. To be honest I don't buy many clothes or makeup anymore as most of my money goes on theatre tickets but that is all paid for myself too. Of course I'm very lucky to receive extra clothes and tickets for occasions like birthdays or Christmas from my parents but apart from that it's all me.  

10. You don't like a lot of food.

YES! I'm honestly the world's pickiest eater I don't like much at all. I mainly live of plain chicken and pasta and I only drink water. I do feel sorry for any waiters that take my order in a restaurant as I have to ask for things to be changed. My most used sentence at this point is probably "can I have mash instead of chips please?" I cannot stand chips!

So that was an extra blog post for this week and it was really interesting to write. I did get a few more and some similar ones but just kept it to 10 for today. Is there anything you didn't know about me?

Stay safe.

Mia x