What I Got For My 18th Birthday!

I don't know about you but when it comes to birthdays I'm so nosy and I love to know what people got. I'm constantly ready blogs and watching YouTube videos of people celebrating their birthday's and opening gifts and I think it's something so nice to look back on. So as this is my first birthday since I started blogging and 18 is quite a special birthday, I thought I'd share with you what I did during the day and the gifts I received this year.

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to brag, I am extremely grateful for everything I received. 

So if you're unaware, I live in Greater Manchester and our restrictions due to COVID-19 are slightly more strict than the rest of the country at the moment, even though the specific area I live in have had little to no cases compared to most other areas of the UK... This meant that the plans I originally had for the day had to be changed less than a week before, but I still had a lovely day regardless.

On the day I woke up to see that my mum had decorated the house in balloons, banners and confetti and I sat and opened a few presents from her and other family members. After getting ready, I went for a walk with my Dad at our local park as I don't live with him and hadn't seen him for a while. I then came home and sat and listened to Elaine Paige on the radio for two hours whilst eating lunch. As a musical theatre fan, it's rare that I miss a show so my birthday was going to be no different! 

After the show rapped up I went to meet my two best friends in the park next to our college for a few hours and we just sat and had a long catch up. The day ended with a meal with my mum at our favourite restaurant and that was that. Birthdays are always the shortest days of the year!

Now on to the wonderful gifts I received…


Makeup - This year my mum topped me up on my everyday essentials as I was running low on a lot of products. If you want to know what products I use daily I have a makeup routine on my blog! 

Clothes - I received some clothes from SHEIN which I am in love with and I'm thinking of doing a whole blog post on all the products I've collected from there recently. She also got me a khaki camo jacket and when I tell you I've never loved an item of clothing more, I mean it.

Shoes - Nike Court Borough. I knew I was getting these as I tried them on a couple of weeks before my birthday but I've needed some white trainers for a while and these are perfect. I originally wanted some Air Force 1's but as we went in the shop and I saw these I realised they were pretty much identical and less than half the price. I'm still confused as to why a brand would make two different pairs of shoes almost the exact same but I'm one of those people who hates wasting money and if I can get almost the exact same shoe for £50 cheaper from the same brand, I will!

Show Tickets - My mum kindly got me tickets to see The Addams Family UK Tour in Liverpool. We were meant to be going on August 15th this year but luckily the tour has been rescheduled to next February.

She also got me the most delicious cake, some chocolates, a 18th birthday glass, a silver arrow anklet as I'm obsessed with anklets, and some picture frames as I'm redoing my room at the moment.


Show Tickets - My Dad usually buys me tickets for a show for both my birthday and Christmas every year. I was meant to be in London for a few days this week to see some shows but of course that can't happen and we aren't really sure when it can, but when we know, we've decided on booking to see The Prince of Egypt, Come From Away and ALW's Cinderella. 

He also kindly gave me some money this year as we can't see any shows near my birthday this time.


This year my Godmother kindly got me the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as I was in need of a new one and the most gorgeous silver bracelet from Beaverbrooks.


My Auntie on my mums side got me one of the gifts that I love the most which is an external DVD player. It may sound weird that I'm so excited about it but I've wanted one for the longest time but I've just never bought one for myself and it's the most useful thing I own. I rarely ever sit and watch TV on the actual television as I prefer to use my laptop. At this point I've watched everything I can on Netflix and Disney + so I've taken out all my old DVD's and began to watch them all,

She also got me a new Bondi Sands Aero Gold self tan spray as I was running out of my previous bottle and the Dear Evan Hansen cast recording on vinyl for my record player.

Other Family Members:

A lot of my family gave me money this year which I'm very thankful for along with a lot of chocolate boxes! 


My friend Tara gave me the cutest gift which was a little basket full of body sprays, nail polishes, lip balms, a cute little notebook and a new face cloth which I desperately needed.

My friend Chloe also gave me a couple of chocolate boxes, a candle set, a frame with a picture of us from prom a couple of years ago, and a soap and glory set. She also got me tickets to see the Waitress UK tour next year which I was not expecting. Waitress is one of my favourite shows and it will be her first time seeing which is exciting. Crazy to think that I'll be 19 when we see that though!

Her Mum, Dad and sister also got me an 18th glass and keyring which was so kind of them.

My friend Rachel also got my tickets to see the UK Tour of Heathers next year which is my absolute favourite show so I couldn't be happier with this gift.

As sad as it sounds, I always by myself a present for my birthday each year as a sort of 'treat yourself', so this year I bought some tickets to go and see Frozen next year with my friend Eve in London. The cast for this show is insane and I cannot wait to see it.

I'm also looking to get a tattoo soon with some of the money I received as I've wanted one for ages now.

So that was everything I received for my birthday this year. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday or got me card/gift, I'm feeling very grateful. I'm probably the only teenager not to be given any alcohol for their 18th as if you know me you'll know I only drink water and will always only drink water! 

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Mia x