Mini Raspberry Sandwich Cakes Recipe

Hey! Welcome or welcome back to my blog. For today's recipe I thought I'd share one of my favourite desserts, mini raspberry sandwich cakes! These are so easy to make and are delicious!


 oil, for greasing                                                                                                                  

175g (6 oz) soft margarine                                                  

175g (6 oz) caster sugar                                                      

175g (6oz) self-raising flour                                                     

 3 eggs         

 4 tablespoons seedless raspberry jam  

 some fresh raspberries, to decorate    

 2 tablespoons caster sugar or sifted icing sugar                                                                                                            

 4 tablespoons of whipped/clotted cream (optional)        


1.  Set the oven to 180° C / 350° F / Gas Mark 4.

2. Lightly brush the holes in a muffin tin with a little oil, line the bases with small circles or greaseproof paper and brush these lightly with a little extra oil.

3. Put all the cake ingredients into a large mixing bowl and beat together with a wooden spoon or an electric mixer until smooth. 

4. Spoon the cake mixture into the holes in the muffin tin and smooth flat with the back of the teaspoon. 

5. Bake for for 10-12 minutes until the cakes are well risen and golden, and the tops spring back when lightly pressed.

6. Transfer the cakes to a wire rack and leave to cool. 

7. Cut each cake in half then spread the lower halves with jam (and cream too if you like). Replace the cake tops, add the raspberries and sprinkle with a little sugar. These cakes are best eaten on the day they are made.  

Don't forget to send me your pictures if you recreate these! 

Mia x