Back To The Future The Musical, Manchester Opera House | Review

March 12, 2020

Back To The Future The Musical
Manchester Opera House
Reviewed by Mia Goddard 

Back to the Future The Musical is based on the American science fiction/comedy film of the same name, and tells the story of Marty McFly who accidentally travels back to 1955 in a time travelling deloreon invented by his friend Doc Brown, and jeopardizes his own future existence by interfering with his parents first meeting. 

Olly Dobson leads the cast as Marty McFly with charm and incredible energy, whilst adding his golden vocals to the mix. He hardly leaves the stage the entire show and captures the youthfulness and likeability of the character. It can’t have been easy stepping into a role made famous by Michael J. Fox, but he made the role his own and did an incredible job.

Roger Bart makes for a charismatic and marvellous Doc Brown. He has wonderful stage presence and perfect comic timing, and overall gave an outstanding performance. An absolute delight.

George McFly is played by Hugh Coles in his first professional stage role and he is all kinds of incredible. Every aspect of his role is superb. From voice to physicality, he perfectly portrays the ultimate dork and the audience adored him.

Rosanna Hyland is excellent as Lorraine Baines. Her extremely catchy musical number ‘Pretty Baby’ has the audience in fits of laughter, as she conveys her attraction towards her own son. 

Meanwhile the vocal chops of Cedric Neal as Goldie Wilson and Marvin Berry bring another level to the musicality, Courtney-Mae Briggs shares one of the sweeter moments with Marty in ‘Wherever We’re Going’, showing off her beautiful vocals, whilst Aidan Cutler succeeds as the obnoxious Biff. Will Haswell and Emma Lloyd as Marty’s siblings Dave and Linda brought the comedy element to the show and Mark Oxtoby as Strickland is brilliantly casted.

The ensemble are simply remarkable and extremely versatile though every musical number, putting their heart and soul into the whole show - a joy to watch. 

Every musical number is perfectly placed in the storyline and choreography by Chris Bailey is stunning. A particular highlight is the number ‘Put Your Mind To It’ due to its unforgettable melody and brilliant humour injected throughout the song. ‘Gotta Start Somewhere’ is also jam-packed with fun lyrics, impressive vocals and splendid dance moves.

Another special mention has to go to the technical elements of the show. From special effects to complex sets, to the flying delereon itself, this show has some of the best visual elements I’ve ever seen! The fine detail in projections, visuals, and use of a rotating stage created a euphoric atmosphere. A final mention must also go to costume and make up for recreating the look of the film in such detail. 

This production manages to maintain all the memorable moments from the film, with adjustments to keep this new telling fresh and creative. For fans of the film, the show contains everything they love already with the addition of a spectacular live experience and fantastic new songs. Back To The Future is definitely the newest must-see musical!

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