The Book Of Mormon (UK Tour), Palace Theatre Manchester | Review

June 14, 2019
The Book of Mormon

Palace Theatre, Manchester
Reviewed by Mia Goddard

The Book of Mormon tells the story of two young Mormons, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, who are thrust together as partners on a service mission to Uganda to spread the word of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and the Mormon religion. Elder Price has dreams of doing something incredible and is eagerly anticipating being sent to Orlando, Florida, which has been his dream-destination since childhood. Elder Cunningham on the other hand, just can’t seem to remember the basics the missionaries are trained to deliver, and tends to have issues with telling the truth, but all he really wants is someone to call his best friend. Neither they or their fellow Mormon missionaries in Uganda know anything about Africa, or the needs of the villagers they encounter, whilst the Ugandans show no interest in them or the Mormon religion. That is until young Nabulungi convinces everyone the Elder’s deserve a chance.
Kevin Clay returns to the show from the US, to open the first UK Tour as Elder Price, a role which he fills perfectly as he dominates the stage with his enormous presence. His tenor is clear and powerful and he certainly knows his way around the stage. Kevin shifted the atmosphere in moments, and his emotions were very powerful, a true star to the lineup.
Conner Peirson has also come over from the US to play Elder Cunningham. His confidence in the role is inspiring and he is the master of timing and every ounce of comedy is delivered perfectly. He is also a tremendous vocalist – Man Up, in which Elder Cunningham is given the chance to step out of the shadows, is one of the many highlights of the show. A real delight to watch, and absolutely perfect for the role.
Nicole-Lily Baisden is simply delightful as Nabulungi in every way. She gives a sweet and stunning performance, with superb vocals shown and I loved her witty and assured take on the character. She brought a very bubbly (yet very comical) personality and Sal Tlay Ka Siti was a crowd favourite. Another highlight of the show was Baisden’s duet Baptize Me alongside Peirson, which was my personal favourite due to its perfect comical timing.
Other strong comedic performances come from Ewen Cummins as Nabulungi’s father and Will Hawksworth as Elder McKinley, who both have excellent stage presence and wonderful vocals. The ensemble are a true essence to the show and are a delight to watch.
The Book of Mormon score is brilliant and clever and will have you cringing with delight due to its controversial lyrics paired with hilarious comedy.

The entire cast were stellar and it’s impossible to focus on just one person. They were all able to bring something different and it was evident how much fun this show is. There is so much precision in every single movement and their teamwork in admirable. Everyone’s energy could take your breath away and each member performs terrifically. 
Wild and witty, The Book of Mormon is an excellent piece of theatre which will have you in hysterics from start to finish.

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