The Band (UK Tour), New Wimbledon Theatre | Review

October 24, 2018
The Band


New Wimbledon Theatre
Reviewed by Mia Goddard
Against a musical backdrop of Take That songs, this story revolves around Rachel – a sixteen-year-old girl obsessed with ‘The Band’ and her 4 best friends who go to see them in concert. Fast- forward 25 years when they later they reconnect after Rachel wins a competition to see ‘The Band’ on tour in Prague with a hope of meeting the band members.
The musical’s five male singers and dancers, weave in and out of this show’s story and have incredible vocals and dance moves. Band members AJ Bentley, Nick Carsberg, Curtis T Johns, Yazdan Qafouri and Sario Soloman, slot into their roles effortless and are magnetic on stage. There were so many things to love about this production, starting from the amazing casting, the incredible musical score and the unique set which had some very impressive projections
Take That songs were authentically performed, and all flowed perfectly with the story. The hit ‘Back for Good’ took on a new meaning when the adults were telling their younger selves that they wanted them back.
The female cast members were very strong, not afraid to laugh at themselves with excellent comedic timing. They were brilliant in portraying what life was like as a teenage girl in the 90’s and it felt very nostalgic when ‘Smash Hits’ and ‘Top of the Pops’ were referenced. I initially thought that this musical would be a replicate of Take That but it was more about the boyband phenomenon. The girls warmly portrayed what it’s like to be a music fan!
At the end of the story, all of the audience members were on their feet, singing and dancing along to popular Take That tunes. I noted quite a few of them singing throughout as well! You do not have to be a Take That fan to enjoy this, but you would be mad to miss this if you are. There are a few extras thrown in which delighted me. I left the show feeling uplifted and with a smile on my face and even shed a tear or two!

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